Is The Cost of Living in New Zealand Expensive?

With a rich history and stunning landscapes, New Zealand is one of the most sought after places to live in the world. But unfortunately, the demand for residence far exceeds the supply. Hence, property value and the cost of living is fierce. In this article, we’re going to outline everything you need to know about moving to New Zealand, as well as a few tips and tricks on how you can work with your budget. 

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What is the Cost of Living in New Zealand? 

Although New Zealand is expensive, it’s manageable. Ultimately, the key to sustaining life in New Zealand is by getting a job there. Unless you’re a millionaire, you’re going to need to work to be able to pay for a minimum cost of living. With a median salary in New Zealand of roughly $70,000, if you can avoid burning your money, eating out and being more careful with your spendings, sustaining yourself is a lot more realistic than you may have anticipated. 

Where Are the Most Affordable Places to Live in New Zealand? 

On the other hand if you’re looking for a way to move to New Zealand on a budget there’s still hope. If your heart is set on moving to New Zealand but you’re a bit tighter with your finances, here are some of New Zealand’s most affordable cities:

  1. Rotorua – With a multitude of tourist activities, natural hot springs, affordable entertainment and cheaper rent, Rotorua makes the perfect spot for someone to settle down in New Zealand. In addition, Rotorua also has plenty of job opportunities, making it a common long-term travel destination for backpackers. 
  2. Whangarei – North of Auckland, Whangarei is famous for its war memorials, restaurants, shops and galleries. With volcanic mountains overlooking the city, this stunning landscape makes it an ideal selection for anyone trying to live in New Zealand on a budget. 
  3. Napier-Hastings District – With natural falls, notorious wineries, lookouts, renowned gardens and marine parades, the Napier-Hastings District of New Zealand is the sixth-most populous urban area in the country. Its affordable living makes it a great selection for travellers on a budget. 
  4. Hamilton – With a vast array of restaurants, cafes and bars; Hamilton is a very hospitable city. Hamilton’s public parks, gardens, museums and galleries make it a great location for anyone with a keen eye for culture. 
  5. Cambridge – Referred to as the ‘town of trees and champions’, Cambridge is notable for its heritage-listed buildings, antique stores and leafy streets. Although rent is on the higher end, the median salary for a job in Cambridge makes the cost of living very affordable. If you’re looking for Cambridge real estate homes for sale, Progressive Properties NZ may be able to help you find a home within your budget.

Where Should I Go From Here?

If you’re steadfast about moving to New Zealand, it’s important that you’re realistic about your budget. Although we’d all love to live in a beautiful high-rise overlooking alluring scenery, not all of us can. When you’re moving to New Zealand on a budget, fortunately, there are still options. By being specific and strict with your budget and opting for one of the more affordable cities with a heightened degree of job opportunities, moving your life to the land of the long white cloud is more achievable than you may have anticipated. 

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