How To Build Your Fire Pit

Building a DIY fire pit and grill on your patio or deck can be a great way to keep warm in the wintertime, or enjoy a nice outdoor meal with friends and family during the warmer months. And you don’t have to buy expensive firewood or purchase expensive patio accessories to do so. With some DIY firepit bricks and stones, you can build a functional fire pit that will last you for years.

Fire pits can be made from many different materials, including natural stones, bricks, ceramic tiles, and concrete. For a more artistic-looking pit, rather than evenly spaced bricks, pick up some different rough pieces, and build an overlay stone fire pit from the bottom up. If your stones are robust enough, you won’t have to put down any cement on top either; just use common sense when assembling your walls. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Mortar – Use a mortar mix to coat the bottom of your bricks. Using a wet mixture will speed up the process. This is also the ideal time to add some decorative stones to the pit. You can even add small pebbles or chunks of slate, marble, or quartz as well.
  • Toaster Stone – If you want to try a lighter stone or brick option, choose something that has less of a chance of rusting. This would be a good choice if you want your pit to withstand high winds or rain and can withstand the elements for longer. Try choosing lighter coloured stone so that it looks more natural.
  • Fire Pits – Since most of these are constructed on top of an existing brick base, you’ll need to get the brick level first. Then you can start using bricks to build the pit’s bricklayer. Don’t forget to add the other stones and rocks, too!
diy fire pit
  • Brick and Stones – Once your pit is laid and installed, lay the brick and stone so they match each other in colour and texture. This can be done by laying one side against the other. Be sure to use the same size and shape of bricks on both sides of the brick for stability. This way you can cut out any gaps where the brick overlaps the stone or tile edges.
  • Using Masonite or Mortar Mix – Put on some mortar mixture to make the mortar stick to the bricks before applying it to the brick. When it has set, you can smooth the edges using a piece of sandpaper. Make sure to apply a second layer of mortar after the mortar has dried before you paint the outside surfaces of the pit.
  • Install – After the mortar has dried, install the bricks and stones on top of the mortar with wood grout between them for additional protection. Use some tape or some paper towels to ensure that the mortar is even between the bricks. You should also seal the seams at both ends of the brick or stone walls to prevent moisture from seeping in between the bricks.
  • Water Source – Use some water and put on a layer of sealant between the mortar and brick. This will help prevent moisture from seeping in between the brick and mortar.
  • Paint – Before painting, you should make sure that you have the right colour or type of paint for your fire pit. You can choose a more durable paint or a lighter colour to give a more natural appearance to your pit. Also, consider the weather and its effect on the paint as some paints can fade if exposed to high temperatures.
  • Finish – You should use a wood chip sealer or latex to protect the paint. It’s best to spray the sealant on the surface before you begin painting. for best results. If the paint is too thick, add another layer of sealant until you can see the paint on the surface without blotches or streaks.

Once you’re done painting the pit, you can then go ahead and top with any finishing touches. It is advisable to leave the area dry for the first couple days, then apply a protective coating to protect it from the elements.

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